Publikacje poświęcone hodowli koni kabardyńskich w Polsce i na świecie, księgom stadnym i paszportom.

Знаки фамильной собственности


Отсканирована книжка про знаки фамильной собственности (тавра) использованные в Кабардино-Балкарии.

Horse brands in Kabardino-Balkaria


The attached PDF file presentes 300 horse brands used in Kabardino-Balkaria with the family names of their owners.

Russia: priest riders in the Caucasus (French)


Deep in the Russian Caucasus, at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and the Far East, four brothers of Saint John community are at the service of the Catholic diaspora. Among them, the priest brother Laurent charge of three small parishes of Kabardino-Balkaria.

Full article in French: Russie : des moines cavaliers au pays du Caucase

Yaghan horses


Brothers Ibragim & Arkadi Yaganov, breeders well known Kabardian horses breeders from Nalchik, have now their own website.

Kabardians horses in China


A Chinese equestrian magazine Horsemanship has just published an article on Kabardian breed of horses in their December 2013 issue.

Черкесская порода лошадей


Институт коневодства и наездничества у черкесов, и в общем на всем Северном Кавказе, имеет четырехтысячную историю.

Genetic link between Kabardians and Cleveland Bay breeds


In 173 AD the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was conducting the Marconnian War against the Sarmations. These were mounted warriors who were armoured and used a broadsword and metal tipped lance. They needed heavy and powerful horses to carry the weight. The Romans overcame them (on this occasion) and 5500 Sarmation warriors and their horses were sent to Hadrian's Wall. They were never repatriated and became Britanosarmations - maintaining their horses over the centuries. They remained in the North of Britain after the fall of the Roman Empire. The breed of horse was kept — being particularly suitable for heavy work. I found that other Sarmations (from the Crimea area) — eventually ended up in South Ossetia in the Caucasus mountains. Seeing the Kabardin on the internet was a revelation; very similar to the Clevelands and obviously of the same roots. The DNA sample obtained from the Max Planck Institute of a Kabardin is an exact copy of one of our Cleveland lines. The relationship is irrefutable.

New photos from Bieszczady


Here are photos I've just received from Maria Kraśnik farm in Bieszczady Mountains. You can find her website and more details at www.kabardia.net.

Kabardian stallion Inal wins Les qualifications loisir


Kabardian stallion Inal owned by Julie Debert won Trophée des Elites competition in France.

Visiting Maria Kraśnik


Last weekend I have just visited Maria Kraśnik farm in Wola Michowa in Bieszczady mountains.


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