Kabardian Horses Conformation



Kabardians are medium height - around 155 cm in withers. The lower limit is around 145 cm and the upper - around 160
cm. For anglokabardians the upper limit is higher, around 164 cm.


Predominant colors are black, dark bay and bay, preferably with no white spots. Grey is also typical for the breed, but rare. Traditionally Kabardians grow natural rich mane and tail.


The Kabardian horses have medium sized head, with slightly enlonged face part, shaped straight or Roman-nosed. There are horses with lighter and heavier head structure, depending on the subtype. Ears are sharp and alert. Nostrils are capable of wide dilation. Throat latch is wide as well.

Neck, barrel and croup

The neck is medium length, proportional and properly balanced. The withers is medium height, wide and long, well-muscled. The back is usually long and soft, but very strong thanks to excellent muscles structure. Kabardians have medium size croup, usually rounded. Shoulders and chest are loaded and wide, the rest of the body long and wide, but proportional.

Legs and hoofs

Leg and feet are strong and clean, with clearly defined tendons and strong joints. Hind legs are sometimes sickle-shaped, which needs a word of explanation. This feature, though considered a beauty fault for most breeds, for mountain horses it's a great advantage, because it provides more balance and stability for the horses descending or ascending steep hills. Hoofs are medium size and so hard, that many Kabardians can easily perform a light work with no shoeing at all. They are very resistant to cracks, rotting and other problems.

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