Publikacje poświęcone hodowli koni kabardyńskich w Polsce i na świecie, księgom stadnym i paszportom.

Young Kabardian mares for sale in Belarussia (updated photos)


Stable near Brest (Belarussia) offers for sale a number of young Kabardian mares, recently tranported from Kabardino-Balkaria.

Kabardian gelding MIF for sale in Czechia


Mif Gori is 5 yrs. old bay anglokabardian gelding perspective for endurance riding - also for bigger or taller rider! He is athletically built, his height is 165 cm.

Eva Markova's trip to Caucasus 2011


Eva Markova (Slovakia) has published her journal from this year's trip to Caucasus. The text is in Slovak, but there are also many photos and movies.

12 young horses for sale in Russia


Breeders from Kabardino-Balkaria are offering 12 young mares and stallion for sale.

Rejestr koni kabardyńskich w Polsce


Polskie Stowarzyszenie Hodowców Koni Kabardyńskich udostępniło wstępną wersję rejestru koni kabardyńskich w Polsce.

Kabardian horses registry in Poland


Polish Association of Kabardian Horse Breeders build preliminary version of Kabardian horses registry in Poland.

Kabardian stallion KARAT for sale (sold)


Kabardian stallion KARAT, born 2005, is now available for sale in Krakow, Poland. The horse is listed in Kabardian horses studbook (№ 830) and classified as "elite".

Gyula Gruber (LEVEDIA) Saddlery


Gyula Gruber's LEVEDIA is traditional saddlery specialising in reconstrution of historical saddles, weapons and clothes.

Why do I like Circassian saddles? Because they're safe and comfortable


Have you ever wondered why anyone would want to invent anything as incomfortable as classical English saddle? I was thinking of it since I first used it at a riding school. And these schools for some strange reasons use them to discourage people from horseback riding once and for ever. This was until I tried Circassian saddles...

Circassian saddles from Czech Republic


For a couple of years I'm using a Circassian type saddle made by Tom Hajek, saddlemaker from Czech Republic. If you're looking for a saddle to ride at reasonable price and easily available in European Union, he's the person to talk to.

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