Kanjal race 1000 km finished!

2008-09-25 00:00:00 +0100

The Kanjal race in Kabardino-Balkaria has successfully finished after covering 1000 km distance over 10 days. Team of  seven riders finished 1000 km near village Ali-Berdukovskiy (Али-Бердуковский) in Karachai-Cherskess Republic, neighbor to Kabarino-Balkaria from where the race has started.

The race passed through the following places:

  1. Nalchik (Нальчик)
  2. Mozdok (Моздок)
  3. Georgievsk (Георгиевск)
  4. Stavropol (Ставрополь)
  5. Armavir (Армавир)
  6. Kuransk (Курганинск)
  7. Maykop (Майкоп)
  8. Cherkessk (Черкесск)
  9. Kanjal mountain (Гора Канжал)

Except for slight problems with one anglo-kabardian horse the team considers the race as a very good experience. There was also change in route - the race passed one additional city, Mozdok, which is the reason why the team finished 1000 km in a place different from the one originally planned.

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