Kabardian stallion KARAT for sale (sold)

2010-10-28 00:00:00 +0100

Kabardian stallion KARAT, born 2005, is now available for sale in Krakow, Poland. The horse is listed in Kabardian horses studbook (№ 830) and classified as “elite”. Karat was born April 2005 in Poland, from Ibragim Yaganov’s PARIT (№ 835) and KARMEN (№ 6194). He is very gentle, friendly and very easy to handle. He was taught basic riding skills, like accepting the briddle and carrying saddle, but not actually ridden. He comes with Russian equine passport issued by VNIIK. Taking into account achievements of his parents, Karat should be a good horse for endurance riding and breeding stallion, as was his father Parit.