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We would like to share with you our story, a story of happiness from having a child and a story of tragedy, as every day we have to look how she’s struggling with life, with pain, with frustration...

Three years ago, in a small Caucasian town of Nartan (Kabardino-Balkar Republic of the Russian Federation) our beloved daughter, Evelyn, was born. Unfortunately, due to the doctor’s mistake during the labour she fell ill with cerebral palsy, resulting in movement and seeing disorders. And this is how her tragedy began...

The only chance for Evelyn to start functioning normally is a very costly treatment in China. To date our daughter has went through the first part of rehabilitation. The results, compared with the previously applied therapeutic methods, have been exceptionally positive.

Unfortunately the treatment in China is very expensive and we cannot afford it. According to the doctors, Evelyn needs at least eight therapeutic visits and each costs EUR 7,500 (USD 10,000).
Therefore, we are appealing to you for help!

You can send money via PayPal to (the child's father) or with international bank wire transfer (denominated in euro) to an account of fundation helping her in Russia:

  • Beneficiary/recipient: Kabardino-Balkarskiy Respublikanskiy Detskiy Fond
  • Address: 361721, RUSSIA, KABARDINO-BALKARSKAYA RESPUBLIKA, town Nalchik, str. Sovetskaya 100
  • Account number: 40703978000431000028
  • Intermediary bank: COMMERZBANK AG, Account number: 499/0812769411, Frankfurt am Main, SWIFT: DRESEFF

Foundation's page in Russian:

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