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Kabardians.Com is website run by a small, family company created in Poland by a computer specialist and Kabardian horses enthusiast, Paweł Krawczyk and his wife, Irina Khavhzhokova-Krawczyk (Хьэвжокъуэ, Habjoqa), who is ethnic Kabardian herself.

Since 2000 we have been involved in importing, training and showing Kabardian horses in numerous international endurance events, including ones in Poland, Germany, Ireland, France and UAE. We travel to Caucasus frequently for bussiness, private and holiday trips.

Horses trained in our stable got notable results in Championship of Poland (two first places), Germany (second place) and UAE (16. place in WEC 2004).

We are actively involved in protection of this rare and precious horse breed and its promotion not only in endurance racing, but also recreational and trail riding. For this purpose we run this website which we would like to become a central point for Kabardian horse breeders, owners and lovers community.

Since 2007 we are actively cooperating with the official team of specialists responsible for rebuilding the Kabardian Studbook in Kabardino-Balkaria. In 2008 Pawel became president of Kabardian Horse Breeders Association in Poland.


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