Basic information about Kabardian Horses


The Kabardians are considered by many as the world's best mountain breed of horses. Nature made them calm, sure-footed, low-demanding and healthy. Man made them obedient and brave at the same time, in hundreds of years of breeding.

As most mountain horses, Kabardians are medium height (150-160 cm), muscular and naturally very resistant to harsh environmental conditions. These horses, originating from Northern Caucasus, for hundreds of years were pride and part of national culture of caucasian nations.

They are healthy and thus very strong>economical to keep. They have hard and resistant hoofs. At the same time they are taller, lighter and much more elegant than other breeds considered "tough". Their movement is balanced and full of natural energy.

They work especially well in mountains and in other environments where not the high speed but endurance, health and mental stability are the key factors. They have great sense of orientation, good memory and they learn quickly.

People, like us, who are lucky enough to own and ride horses of this rare breed are very satisfied and would never change them to any other breed. Kabardian don't have many problems we got used to treat as normal in other breeds - poor health, delicate hoofs or impulsive character.

In the past, Kabardians were horses for army. Nowadays they are best in endurance racing and horse trail.

Kabardian horses are rare. However, thanks to numerous enthusiasts in Europe, America and other countries the number of these horses is growing rapidly.

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