1000 km in 12 days on Kabardian horses

2008-08-16 00:00:00 +0100

In September a group of sportsmen from North Caucasus will participate in an attempt to cover 1000 km in 12 days on Kabardian horses. The race will be held on 300th anniversary of Khanzhal battle, when Circassian army beat overwhelming number of Crimean Tatars trying to seize their lands.

The route of the ride joins towns of Northern Caucasus: Nalchik, Prohladny, Georgievsk, Stavropol, Kurganinsk, Maikop, Cherkessk, Prielbrusie, Kanzhal Mountain.

The finish is planned to be at the very day of celebration and mounting of the memorial, September 20 as the latest date.